Part I

Deadline: 18.11.2019

About the course

This course of the course series will introduce the participant to the relevant issues in cyber security. These issues include the stakeholders' and users' ability to disrupt the functionality of a system; corporate responsibilities and liabilities; and the never-ending software crisis that is related to the increasing amount of software and maintenance.

This course has only 1 part.

How to get started

How to get started? This material contains the introduction part of the course series called "Cyber Security Base". In order to answer the questionnaires and essays, you will need a account that you can create at at the right hand corner of this course material

Once you have created the account, please answer a background questionnaire at Answering the questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes and will be very valuable for the research conducted on this course.

When answering the short essay questions in this course, please answer them carefully and with thought. Other participants in the course will review them and may give you feedback.

How to pass the course

In order to pass the course you will need to obtain 17 points (max 22 points). Each passed essay is equivalent to 5 points, and each passed multiple choice question is equivalent to 1 point.

To pass an essay you must return an essay and provide at least 3 peer reviews for each essay. Essays must be within 20% of the proposed length. If they're not within this limit you will not get any points for your answer. We also may reject your answer if it's flagged too many times as spam or if it doesn't contain deep enough discussion. Also, we may reject your peer reviews if you haven't put genuine effort into them.

You'll receive instructions for the ECTS credits after passing the course.

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