Course descriptions and timetable

The course consists of 6 smaller courses that can and must be completed during a certain period of time. All course material is available on this web page when the course starts; however the material for the courses that have not yet started is not shown.

All course material is in English.

For students at University of Helsinki: the first 3 courses form a bachelor-level course Introduction to Cyber Security (TKT20009), while the last 3 courses form a master-level course Cyber Security II (CSM13204).

Introduction to Cyber Security 1 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 28.10.2019-18.11.2019

This part of the course series will introduce the participant to the relevant issues in cyber security. These issues include the stakeholders' and users' ability to disrupt the functionality of a system; corporate responsibilities and liabilities; and the never-ending software crisis that is related to the increasing amount of software and maintenance.

Securing Software 3 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 04.11.2019 - 23.12.2019

This part focuses on security issues related to interconnected software. The participant will learn the principles of developing web applications, typical security issues that are related to such applications, and how such issues are discovered and mitigated.

Course Project I 1 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 9.12.2019 - 30.12.2019

In the first project, the participants will construct software with security flaws, point out the flaws in the project, and provide the steps to fix them.

Advanced Topics 3 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 13.1.2020 - 22.2.2020

This part focuses on security in networks, including internet security issues, issues in 4G networks as well as the issues and remedies planned for the upcoming 5G network. This includes also relevant cryptography topics. Architectural analysis of existing (software) systems will be also visited, and selected methods for log mining for the purposes of identifying and tackling attacks will be studied.

Course Project II 1 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 24.2.2020 - 9.3.2020

In the second project, the participants will install an operating system with a variety of vulnerabilities and then install a network intrusion prevention system into it. Subsequently, the participants will familiarize themselves with penetration testing software, and attack the system they installed.

Capture The Flag 1 CR (ECTS)

Schedule: 9.3.2020 - 16.3.2020

A Capture the Flag (CTF) competition will be organized at the end of the course series. In the competition, participants will be given a variety of tasks that are related to the topics of the course series. Participants will gain points for every solved task. The amount of points depends on the complexity of the task as well as the amount of time that the spent on the task.